Rum lemon massage oil !

And why not let yourself be tempted by 100% Guadeloupe products in 2 words: rum and lemon, an olfactory journey.


We have discovered for you an organic massage oil, with surprising ingredients and virtues! The range of care “well-being ethic” of the brand Alizée Nature Caraïbes is made by our craftsmen and are 100% natural without paraben.

BIEN ETRE ETHIC is a brand of cosmetics made in France, handmade, natural based on plants, flowers, fruits, sometimes unknown, but with recognized virtues in cosmetology today.

You will find Aloe Vera, Roucou, Sugar Cane, Country Cherries, Avocado Oil, Coconut Milk, Hibiscus Flower, Rose Hip Oil, Brède Mafane, Cherry Kernels and Grape Seed Oil… and yes Names that you may not have known but which have also travelled over time to be used for their benefits.

Rum Lemon Massage Oil is a body massage oil, ideal for a total body relaxation session. Recognizable by its fresh and tangy scent, lemon (citrus limonum) essential oil is renowned for its purifying and antibacterial properties.
For Rum, one expects more to drink it than to have it for massage but mixed with lemon it gives a tasty and exotic oil!

Its characteristics :
The massage oil rum lemon hydrates your skin and penetrates quickly. It restores suppleness and softness to your skin throughout the massage. Its aroma alone is a first trip.

Discover its benefits:
The rum and lemon massage oil will allow your body to relax after an intense day. A massage with this 100% natural elixir accompanied by its exotic scent will awaken all your senses.

Some ingredients of its composition are revealed to you:
Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil or sweet almond oil
Cocos nucifera oil or coconut oil
Coumarin is found in large quantities in the tonka bean, from which it was first extracted in 1820.

It’s up to you to discover the rest of its ingredients for a real olfactory journey to be savoured with care.

Origin : 100% Guadeloupe

Germaine’s cassava

The word “kassav” may remind you of a zouk-music band…  but to guadeloupeans, it is first and foremost a cassava-based dish. Germaine cooks it every day. This is what she says about it…

“Kassav is a pancake made from cassava flour. My workshop is open to anyone who wants to taste my recipes and learn how to prepare them. It’s a whole procedure!” (Laughter.)

“I tear off the root, peel it and wash it, then leave it to soak in a container. It is then ground to extract the juice. Four or five hours later, the starch has collected at the bottom of the container. This is called “moussache”.”

“The moussache is pressed to extract the water, then sieved and left to dry overnight.”

“To cook it, I spread a layer of it on a baking sheet, cover it with a sweet or savory filling, then cover that with another layer of moussache. It contains no water, no fat and no gluten.”

“On Friday evenings I organize a tasting session. On the menu: cassava acras, pancakes, a meat dish, a vegetable and a selection of desserts including sweet kassavs. I also organize a little educational workshop for €10 per person. Nothing is prepared ahead, it’s all fresh.”

Faustine François