Family trip in the Guadeloupe Islands


Sometimes it may seem like the journey of the fighter, you have to find places that are suitable for children.
easy access,… In Guadeloupe, it is absolutely necessary to rent a car, it is essential especially
with children! There are many things to do when you’re with family. Beaches, beaches
swimming, parks, zoos,… On the other hand, one must forget the hike to the Soufrière with the
kids is too complicated.


Sainte-Anne’s beach

The water is flat, turquoise coloured and without current, it is ideal for children. They can
play it safe. Of all the beaches in Sainte-Anne, the municipal beach is the most lively.
Near the beach there are ice cream and donut sellers and also a small craft market.
Take a boat trip
With children it is quite possible; wandering along the currents of the sea, see some
still unsuspected landscapes of Guadeloupe from the sea. Take the time to appreciate the
marine fauna and take safe swimming breaks.

French West Indies
Grande Terre
Public beach of Sainte Anne

Antilles Françaises
La Guadeloupe
Grande Terre
Plage publique de Sainte Anne


Going to an island (Marie-Galante, Les Saintes)

For a day or more, taking a big boat for children is a pleasure (be careful sometimes).
There is a lot of swell, it moves a lot) and go to a smaller island. You can
discover beautiful Creole houses, new heavenly beaches,…

View of the Baie des Saintes from Fort Napoleon.
Opposite, the highest peak of the island: Le Chameau.
Arrival of a sea shuttle.


Visit of the botanical garden of Deshaies.

This garden offers a peaceful stroll through the impressive flora of Guadeloupe. It is in
all 7 hectares of equally remarkable plants and trees. This garden
allows young and old alike to discover scents and colours.
magical. It’s a really great family time.